28 Oct

Why I choose to work with mums

When I began coaching I hesitated for years to specialise and say I was a particular type of coach. The nature of coaching is that it is of benefit to everyone (if they are open to it). I am also fundamentally opposed to any type of discrimination. I felt guilty about excluding anyone from accessing coaching and so I remained a general ‘life coach’ to feel like I was being inclusive.

img_5375As time has gone on I now see the advantage in specialising. It helps my clients feel comfortable that coaching is for them. So when I speak to mums on my website, in my advertising, in my blogs, that is not to say I won’t coach other people! Just ask me, I am happy to coach anyone, from any background. In fact I would love to expand out to developing programmes for dads and perhaps teenagers too sometime in the future. But I do feel a deep connection with mums (being one) and the job that we do. Not that dads don’t do it too, but everyone’s situation is unique and I feel that if I serve mums exclusively in my group coaching that mums will feel more comfortable to join in and to see that coaching really is for them – as a parent, as a woman and as a worthwhile human being – not just as an executive in a company.

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