30 Aug

Why do we hesitate to begin?

I start this blog now after procrastinating about it for years!  Why do we find it so difficult sometimes to begin? It has been my fear and expectations of myself that have been holding me back…

What will people think?

What if it isn’t very good?

What if I can’t think of anything to write about?

What if I offend someone?

What if someone thinks I have all the answers and they are disappointed?

What if I unknowingly hurt or upset someone?

What happens when people see that I fail, often and that I am human and make mistakes?

What happens if someone makes fun of me?

img_5471I see these fears in my clients every day, and I feel them too and it is OK. It is OK to have high expectations of ourselves, but not to the point where they paralyse us into inaction and staying small. It is OK to be afraid, but not to the point where we hide and do nothing. Baby steps, little by little we can build our courage to move forward, grow in confidence and be to the world what we want to be in our hearts.

So, here I am. Stepping up and beginning – right here, right now! Do I feel nervous that it won’t be great? Yes. Am I wondering what this projects about who I am as a person and as a coach? Yes…

What has change? Why now? What is enabling me to overcome my fear and my high expectations of myself? It is my realisation that it doesn’t get better than this. I simply will never know everything; I can’t wait for everything to be perfect – because it never will be. It is my realisation that I know enough and anything I don’t know I can find out and that if I don’t put my self out there and risk failing, then I will not be able to have the positive impact on the world that I want to have. I want to help mums who are struggling with what I was struggling with. I don’t have all the answers – but I never will. It is time to stop playing small, to put myself out in the world so I might help other mums find there second passion outside there family just as I have… something that allows them to bring more joy into their lives and helps them to embrace every moment of being a mum, every moment of being alive, with zeal and excitement, joy and love…

So I don’t promise to blog every day, every week or every month… to put that pressure on myself will inevitably cause stress. But I do promise to share with you my thought, the things I am learning and my poetry when inspired to do so. Please stay tuned if you’re interested and feel free to tune out if your not…

With ease and joy


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