Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, career, businesses or organisations. Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance and enhance their quality of life. Coaching acknowledges you as the expert on your own life.

To coach is to assist a person to move from where they are now to where they want to go. This can be done via individual or group coaching sessions.

Coaching sessions either individually or as part of a group are a great way to create the time and space to step back and examine our lives. What do you really want from yours? Have you been searching for something, but not sure what that something is? It is so easy in our hectic, fast paced world to loose sight of what we really want, to be reactive rather than proactive. Coaching Sessions can be liberating and challenging at the same time, only you will know when you are ready.

Coaching is not therapy, counseling or mentoring.  Coaching does not focus on your weaknesses or your past. Coaching instead focuses on your strengths and future.  It is a commitment to forward thinking and forward actions.

Coaching can be conducted either individually or as part of a group.  Coaching is available both in person and via phone, Skype or Zoom, I am always happy to develop new programmes to accommodate client’s specific needs.

Individual coaching focuses directly on you, the client, and is a very personal experience. Through weekly coaching sessions I will listen, ask powerful questions, help you create new perspectives and offer insight. I will help you develop a specific action plan, stay on track, create tools for success, encourage and empower you to create the life you want for yourself. Coaching acknowledges each participant as the expert on his or her own life.

Individual coaching sessions are usually conducted via Skype, however I am happy to arrange to meet in person or coach over the telephone, whichever is most convenient. The duration of these calls will be one hour. Supplemental telephone conversations and on‐going email support is also provided.

I suggest that my clients begin with a package of 6 – 12 sessions; this allows the coaching relationship the necessary time to develop and progress through objectives, barriers and successes that occur.

If you are interested in coaching sessions please contact me to ask questions or arrange a mutually convenient time.

Group coaching is more structured and more cost effective (as the cost is shared among the participants). The group process allows for participants in similar situations to gain strength and confidence from sharing stories, truly listening to each other, and acknowledging and supporting each other within a confidential environment. The gentle accountability each participant feels to accomplish the goals they set for themselves from week to week is one of the things participants tell me they love about group coaching.

Group coaching can be arranged within an existing group or a new group. It is usually based on a shared challenge that participants want to address. This can be anything from working toward advancing a career to parenting teenage children. Groups who undertake ongoing group coaching can often be together for an extended period of time, perhaps 6 months to a year. I am happy to develop or customise group coaching for specific groups if requested.

Available in-person in Warwickshire, United Kingdom and online worldwide.

The Revitalise Programme is a specialised, intense programme blending facilitation and group coaching. The programme has been developed especially for mums, to give them time and space to create a vision of what they would like in the next phase of their life. It allows them to gain strength and confidence from sharing stories, supporting and listening to each other within a confidential group environment. Sessions are conducted in person at a convenient venue. The ideal size of a group is 8 to 12 people. A minimum of 4 participants are required for the programme to run.

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There are a number of differences between the individual and the group coaching experience. If the points above did not clarify the differences for you, please discuss it with me.  There are also advantages in undertaking both individual, and group coaching at the same time, the choice is entirely yours.

I offer a free thirty-minute discovery session to explain what coaching is and introduce the coaching process to anyone interested in finding out more about coaching.  Please contact me to organise a time.

Trust is essential in building a strong relationship between client and coach. I guarantee that everything you share with me will be held in complete confidence according to the International Coaching Federation Ethical Code of Conduct. I do reserve the right to act if I fear for your safety or those around you are in jeopardy. In group coaching sessions one of the first things we do as a group is establish a group agreement.

The Standards of Presence below is the basis for our group agreement and this is altered according to the groups needs :

The Standards of Presence below is the basis for our group agreement.  It is used in groups to ensure that everyone remains respectful of each other and can be revisited if there are any problems along the way.  At the beginning of a new group it will be discussed in detail and  altered, if required according to the groups needs :

The Standard of Presence

Co-creating a Safe Environment

All groups that come together for the purpose of learning, creating, communicating, living or celebrating are well supported when the creation and maintenance of a safe space is established.

A truly safe group environment provides the basis for powerful transformation, empowering exploration, inspired collaboration and vibrant living.

The Underlying Principle: Acceptance

The primary underlying principle of the Standards of Presence is acceptance. Accept that everyone is doing their best to learn, grow, respecting, and following these Standards.

Self-acceptance is particularly beneficial to experience a safe, empowering environment to learn, create, communicate, and celebrate.

The Practice:

Each person in the group agrees to practice these standards to the best of their ability.

It is my intention to . . .

1. . . maintain confidentiality.
• What I see and hear that is personal or specific to another within the group will stay here.
• When sharing the essence of someone else’s story, without the names and specific details, I agree to share in an honoring manner that celebrates the original person’s magnificence.

2. . . have and open and innocent mind and heart.
• I release evaluating or comparing what I am learning.
• I allow myself to “try on” and wear the information for a while, as it stands.

3. . . practice a positive focus.
• I focus on what is working and is magnificent.
• I fill my tank with the power of positivity.
• What I perceive in others I strengthen in myself.

4. . . connect at the heart level.
• I practice opening my heart to the essence of what is being conveyed.
• I release the need to evaluate and judge, at least for now, in the moment.

5. . . claim my experience as my own.
• I speak in “I” statements so I can claim my own experience.
• I release telling others what they should do, feel, or believe, or act.

6. . . listen deeply and with honour.
• I am 100% engaged and focus my positive attention on the person sharing.
• I release anticipating what the person is going to share
• I re-spect, and look again with new eyes.
• I look for the gifts being shared – their vulnerability, authenticity, brilliance, etc.
• I allow the person sharing to indicate that he or she is complete.

7. . . give authentic acknowledgment and support.
• I am authentic while giving feedback.
• I keep it simple and speak to the essence of what I experienced.
• I maintain heart contact with the person to whom I am giving support.
• I allow this coaching session to stand on its own, and I release the need to compare
• I notice when I want to give unsolicited advice, criticism, counselling or consulting,
then release it without sharing it!

8. . . fully receive acknowledgment and support.
• I am open to receiving acknowledgment – as the gift it is – and let it sink in.
• I maintain heart contact with the person acknowledging me.

9. . . practice self care and self responsibility, and allow others to do the same.
• I maintain a safe space for myself. I take care of and honour the wisdom of my body, heart, mind, and source of inspiration, allowing them to guide me.
• When something feels like a judgment or advice, I can simply ask that it be reframed.
• When I have a judgment, I say “Thank you for sharing,” to that voice within me, and I choose a more resourceful thought and focus.

10. . . be fully present.
• I maintain these agreements in and out of the learning space. (I’m honouring!)
• I am here on time to start and after all breaks. (I’m here!)
• I wear my nametag in a visible place. (I’m known!)
• I come to sessions rested and in a resourceful state. (I’m conscious!)
• I value my intuition, my inner spirit, and allow my multiple intelligences to guide me. (I’m present!)

Adapted with permission from Coach for Life and the Foundation for Inspired Learning
www.inspiredlearning.org www.karencappello.com www.centerfortransformationalcoaching.com