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The Revitalise Programme for Mums - Online

The Revitalise Programme For Mums has been running over the past few years in-person both in Australia and in the UK and now it is now available here, online!

Here is your chance to revitalise…

To take a breath…

To reconnect with what’s important…

The Revitalise Programme for Mums has been developed especially to give you the time and space to create a vision of what you would like in the next phase of your life. It allows you to develop a plan and take your crucial first steps forward in a supported way. The programme allows you to gain strength and confidence from sharing stories, supporting and listening to each other within a confidential group environment. Group size can be from 4 to 12 mums.

1.5 hour talk
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Parent & Teen Connect Talk - For Parents

Helping to bring calmness to your home

Maintaining a good connection and relationship with your pre-teen or teen as they become more independent can be tricky. If not managed well, or understood, it can result in disharmony and upset in the whole family.

This is the time when a new set of parenting skills is required.

Do you have:

  • a pre teen who has just moved into secondary education?
  • a pre teen in the last year of primary school?
  • a teen in secondary education?

In this informative talk for parents of pre-teens and teens, delivered by skilled teen coaches, we explore:

  • Teenage Development
  • Common challenges and boundaries
  • Hints, tips and tricks to help connect

Ticket price includes refreshments.

“Very informative talk delivered by a knowledgeable team”
100% of previous attendees would recommend a Parent & Teen Connect Session